Top 5 ugliest cars from the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show


This year’s Frankfurt Motor Show has been a very slow one. While we were expecting close to one hundred debuts as usual, this year’s numbers were no where near. In fact, after Land Rover revealed the new generation Defender, the show was pretty much over with. But, like with every other show, there are cars that we like and cars that we do not like.  And here are the Top 5 ugliest cars from the show – at least for us.

Of course, when it comes to Concept 4 the choice is obvious. In fact, it is that huge, ugly grille that put the concept on the top of the list. Not sure if you know those memes that say that by 2030 BMW cars will be more grille than cars, but this is what it made us think about the first time we saw the concept. In fact, we must admit that if you look from the side, the concept is actually really nice, but then you go and see the front, and everything is ruined.

Now, do not get us wrong: the new Defender is a cute car, but a car designed with off-road in mind shouldn’t be cute. In fact, if you look closer to the new Defender you will automatically think of a cute baby with a body on steroids. What we liked about the old Defender was its stature, the fact that the car has steroids. The new Defender on the other hand looks like a baby that was let outside to play on the dunes for the first time.

3Hyundai Concept 45

Now this concept is just wrong on both the outside and the inside. We know that with the Concept 45, Hyundai wanted to show us that they are good at geometry and we know we are looking at an electric car, but still. The grille is just too slim, the headlights are too thin, and what’s with that crack on the front bumper? As for the interior… well, why? We know autonomous cars are the future – an idea which we really hate – but too actually have seats that make us sleepy just by looking at them, well, that is something you shouldn’t see in a car.

You know those cars that make you say: if this is how the future looks like then we do not want to see that future? Well this is exactly what this concept car made us think about! You know that dumb smile a kid has when he did something bad? This is exactly how the grille of the EQS looks like! And the rear is just wrong too: looks like a skinny woman with a big ass. And the seats? They remind us of those aliens you see in all the S.F. movies!

The Sian itself is for sure not the ugliest car we’ve seen from Lamborghini. Think about the Egoista concept for example – now that’s a really ugly car. However, the Sian is one of the ugliest cars we’ve seen from Lamborghini lately. Now think this is the same company that came with the Aventador SVJ. What happened from there to designing the Sian we have no idea. Actually, the only angle from where the Sian looks kind of okay is the rear – everything else is just way too much! We know Lamborghini wanted to make the Sian aggressive and looking like its coming from a far future, but the only result they got was scary! And scary is not good when it comes about cars!