This Dodge Challenger Hellcat Track Car Is Everything A Challenger Should Be

    Dodge announced that the current Challenger will live up to 15 years old. While we can appreciate the fact that Dodge is proud of what they have, it will really be the time for that car to become a little bit… well… you know, like something from our times! No matter how many special editions Dodge will offer, the Challenger will always have the same boring face we are used to for years now.

    But, where Dodge has no idea how to improve the Challenger’s look, Abimelec Design came with a very cool design for the Challenger. Actually, we like it so much that we really hope Dodge will take some inspiration from it.

    His car features a perfect combination of black and grey and transformed a boring Challenger into a car ready for the race track. He lowered the suspension, added huge wheels, a big rear wing, an adjustable front lip spoiler and a vented hood.

    What is it missing? A sticker price!

    Dodge Challenger Hellcat Track Car picture gallery