There Could Be a Bentley Bentayga Convertible If Enough People Want One

    The beauty of Bentley’s Mulliner division is that they don’t like to say no to a customer

    Bentley’s Mulliner division just launched the 2021 Bentley Mulliner Bacalar, and now we’ve learned that Bentley’s do-more arm is looking to expand its portfolio even more. And, as it turns out, a seven-figure, roofless Continental GT might not be the end of the road for limited-run topless Bentleys. Bentley Mulliner’s boss, Time Hannig, spoke to Top Gear during the Bacalar’s secret reveal and, when asked about a convertible Bentayga, he replied with something very interesting.

    “I’m in the business of fulfilling dreams, not judging dreams. There are no limits to a fantasy.”

    In short, Hannig told the outlet that nothing is impossible if there’s enough interest in such a vehicle as long as vehicles requested live up to Bentley’s style. He even expressed how much he hates disappointing people and that if they turn someone down, they start working with them on something else.

    Of course, something like a Bentley Bentayga Convertible wouldn’t come cheap. The starting price for the Bentayga is just $200,000, but such a custom job would be limited to a handful of models and would cost considerably more – the Bacalar, for example, commands about $1.95 million and is limited to just 12 examples. Building just a handful of Bentayga convertibles would make a lot more sense than building several hundred, and with a very limited run, Bentley would surly have no issue finding enough buyers.

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    SourceTop Gear