The New Batmobile Looks Like a Classic Dodge Challenger Turned Mid-Engined Supercar

    Color us impressed by the new Batmobile

    The Batman (2021) Batmobile First Look

    A new Batman reboot is currently in the making, and in this one Robert Pattinson will star as the Dark Night. We’ve been waiting to see what the next Batmobile will actually look like, and we’ve finally gotten our first real look thanks to a twitter post from none other than movie director, Matt Reeves.

    There are only three shots of the new Batmobile, but they sure do tell us a lot. First of all, the new Batmobile is – basically – a mid-engined muscle car with huge rear haunches and a broad, vented, and flat hood. We don’t et a direct view at the headlights, but based on what we do see, there are recessed into the grille. Is the new Batmobile based on the 1970 Dodge Challenger? It really does seem so.

    Of course, this muscle-car look seems to fade from the rear where the taillights and that massive engine seem to resemble something like that of an odd supercar. Of course, the roof is short because they had to make room for that massive engine. If you look close enough you can kind of make out 5 different coilpacks on one side of the V, so there’s a good chance that this is a massive V-10. That weird circular structure in the middle is most likely an afterburner because you can’t have a Batmobile without an afterburner, right?

    All we know about the new move is that it will be called “The Batman,” and the plot will be focused on Batman’s very early crime-fighting career. The movie is scheduled to be released on June 25, 2021, so we still have more than a year to wait.