Renault Megane R.S. Trophy-R Sets New Record On The Suzuka Circuit

    Renault Megane R.S. Trophy-R Sets New Record On The Suzuka Circuit

    The MÉGANE R.S. TROPHY-R set a new record of 2’25’’454 (more than 3s better than the previous record) on the prestigious Suzuka circuit in Japan, after its against-the-clock reference time on the famous Nordschleife at Nürburgring and its record at Spa-Francorchamps as part of R.S. Days, broadcast live on YouTube and Facebook. It is a major success in this country, which has some 10,000 TROPHY-R and Renault Sport fans: at the end of September 2019, Japan was Renault Sport’s leading world market for the R.S. range, ahead of Germany and France, and the third for Mégane R.S., even though the Trophy version has not yet been launched there.

    • In anticipation of TROPHY-R’s success with its Japanese fans, development tests were carried out at the beginning of the year on the Suzuka circuit to best meet the specific expectations of local customers.
    • The MÉGANE R.S. TROPHY-R is the latest version of a story that began 15 years ago, which, like its illustrious predecessors, sets new circuit records in the front-wheel-drive production-car category, continuing Renault Sport’s passion for challenge and performance. The new Mégane R.S. TROPHY-R is the most efficient production car ever built by Renault.
    • Compared to the Mégane R.S. TROPHY, the Renault MÉGANE R.S. TROPHY-R, equipped with the same 300 hp engine, owes its increased speed to the weight reduction (up to 130 kg), the work on aerodynamics and the more radical development of its ground links.
    • The Renault MÉGANE R.S. TROPHY-R is launched on the markets in the form of a limited series of 500 numbered examples for the whole world. The TROPHY-R, which is the most exclusive variant of the Mégane R.S. range, is particularly popular in Japan: more than 50 TROPHY-R 2019s, including some equipped with the Carbon-Ceramic Pack, have already been reserved by Renault Japan (and will be delivered to their happy owners in the first half of 2020).

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