One-Off Bugatti Chiron Hermès 1:1 Is The Definition Of Elegance And Luxury

    How can you make an exclusive car being even more exclusive? The answer is easy: develop an one-off edition with some help from Hermès . This one-off Chiron has been designed especially for car collector Manny Khoshbin and should be delivered in the U.S. pretty soon.

    Ettore Bugatti and Émile-Maurice Hermès have started collaboration back in the 1920s. Then, back in 2008 that collaboration has been revived to develop an unique Veyron and now same thing happened once again for the Chiron.

    What makes this Chiron even more special when compared to a standard Chiron is the Hermès Craie (chalk white) exterior paint and the unique Hermès pattern in the grille. The rear wing also features Hermès Courbettes horse pattern, while the rear bumper has been also painted in the same unique, white color.

    Same treatment was applied for the interior. This one-off Chiron offer a unique Hermès Courbettes Graphic pattern with a series of rearing horses in wool and cashmere sheet.

    The price has of course not been revealed, but for sure is more than we can even imagine!