Liberty Walk Can Update The Look Of Your Nissan GT-R; For The Right Money

    If you want to buy a brand-new, standard Nissan GT-R you will have to pay about $114,000 for it. Is not exactly cheap, but also not very expensive. Of course, you can also look for an used one. And if you have around $50-60K in your pocket you can end up with a very decent GT-R in your garage.

    Or, if you already have a Nissan GT-R you can pay the exact same money you would pay for an used GT-R to get a body kit from Liberty Walk. It is priced at “only” $73,570, but it will completely transform the look of your sports car.

    The body kit includes parts made out of dry carbon fiber and will make a standard GT-R look meaner than the GT-R Nismo itself. It includes a new front bumper, front canard and diffuser, a new rear bumper and diffuser, and our favorite: a huge rear wing. Also, the front fender, the side skirts, rear fender, the bonnet hood and the trunk are made out of carbon fiber.

    Of course, do not be very upset if you do not have the money. Liberty Walk is offering a few other updates a few more accessible. They range from $35k to $50k and include pretty much all the updates you can imagine for your car.

    2020 Nissan GT-R By Liberty Walk picture gallery