Hyundai Will Presents Its First PAV And UAM 2020 CES

    Hyundai PAV and UAM CES 2020

    There is no doubt about one thing: the future will be all about electric, autonomous cars. That we already know and we are kind of trying to accept it. But, the future will also be about flying cars. The concept is still in the development stage, but it will become a reality pretty soon.

    Hyundai is going to preview this reality at 2020 CES. The company will come in Las Vegas with two different concepts: the first concept Personal Air Vehicle (PAV) as part of the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) landscape. Of course, as their name suggest PAV is all about vehicles for air transportation, while UAM will be all about the ecosystem and services needed to use these PAV.

    Hyundai’s vision continues with its Purpose Built Vehicle (PBV). This highly customizable concept with autonomous driving feature allows for limitless possibilities to turn the vehicle to be more than just a means of transportation.

    These two smart mobility devices will come together at the Hub, which will be located throughout cities in the future and used as community spaces.