Hot Wheels Will Build Its Own Tesla Cybertruck, But It Is Already Sold Out

    Tesla Cybertruck by Hot Wheels

    We are all waiting to see the production version of the new Tesla Cybertruck. Actually more than half a million people already paid $100 to have it reserved! But, its official market time is not going to happen anytime soon, despite what Elon Musk keeps tweeting!

    But, until we will finally see the real Cybertruck on the road, Hot Wheels came with its own version of the truck. It will build two versions of it: one at the scale 1:10 – priced at $400, which by the way, is already sold out, and another one, scale 1:64 – priced at $20. The last one is still available if you are interested!

    Tesla Cybertruck by Hot Wheels
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    The 1:10 version will feature the following:

    • Functioning headlights and taillights to maintain visibility
    • All-wheel drive featuring Chill or Sport modes
    • Tonneau “Vault” cover
    • Telescopic tailgate that folds out into loading ramp
    • Removeable plastic body to reveal interior and access internal battery and drivetrain system
    • Reusable cracked window vinyl sticker
    • 9.9V, 3300mAh, rechargeable battery, 1:1 charge/run time
    Tesla Cybertruck by Hot Wheels

    Of course, the 1:64 version is not as impressive, but you will still get:

    • The 3-inch, radio-control Cybertruck combines the modern Tesla design with the iconic Hot Wheels® size.
    • Race on Hot Wheels® track – on a horizontal track race or take it vertical on a classic Hot Wheels® track loop. I mean, we’re Hot Wheels®, after all.
    • Key features include two-wheel drive with both Chill or Sport speed to reach up to 500mph scale speed and recharging from controller. You’re welcome.

    Tesla Cybertruck by Hot Wheels picture gallery

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