Audi Launches “Anniversary package 25 years of RS” As A Tribute To RS2

    Audi is celebrating 25 years of RS with the launch of the “25 years of Audi RS” anniversary package. Audi’s RS history started in 1994 when the company started to produce the RS2 Avant. It was the first high-performance station wagon offered by Audi – and it was also the model that established a completely new segment.

    The RS2 was powered by a five-cylinder engine with an output of 315 horsepower – amazing numbers for the time for a station wagon. At no suprise it was and still is one of the most appreciated wagons on the market.

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    The anniversary package will include the Nogaro blue paint finish that made the RS2 famous. It will be combined with matte aluminum look for the front blade, the vertical webs, the side sills and the horizontal web of the rear diffuser. On the TT RS the rear wing and the Audi rings are painted in gloss black. The wheels will also be designed in a two-color look featuring silver and gloss anthracite.

    As expected, the interior is also inspired by the RS2. Black is the main color, but it is combined with cobalt blue accents in Alcantara on the piping of the floor mats and the 12 o’clock marking on the steering wheel rim. The pack also includes RS sport seats with a honeycomb pattern for the TT RS, RS 4 and the RS5, while the RS 6 and RS 7 get RS sport seats designed in perforated Valcona leather.

    The pack is now available to order and it is priced as follows:

    • EUR 9,350 for the TT RS Coupé
    • EUR 10,900 for the RS 4 Avant, RS 5 Coupe, and RS 5 Sportback
    • EUR 14,500 for the RS 6 Avant and RS 7 Sportback

    Audi Anniversary package 25 years of RS picture gallery

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