Audi Is Ready To Take On The Future With The AI:ME Concept Presented At 2020 CES

    Audi AI:ME Concept made its world debut in April at the Auto Shanghai 2019. And if you thought this was just a design exercise you were wrong. Audi is actually very serious about putting the AI:ME into production. Of course, this will not happen anytime soon as the AI:ME Concept has been described as a “mobility partner that anticipates your needs” and that technology is still far in the future. Or maybe not!

    How do you feel about a car that thinks for itself and is even empathetic? How would you feel if your car will know you and will know your habits? Imagine this: the second you get into your car it can be able to communicate with the entire environment and order your favorite food. And while it drives you home it will play your favorite music, without you having to ask for it!

    When we are talking about things like this, the rest of the things AI:ME is capable of are less impressive. It will know your seat position, media, route guidance and temperature to the fragrance of the interior. It can also develop a specific style of driving based on your vital functions!

    Another cool feature AI:ME has, and that Audi promised to make it real in 2020 is a navigation arrow that points exactly into the side road where the destination is located. This technology was developed in cooperation with Samsung and presented at CES. Just like with a 3D television, two views are generated of each picture: one pixel for the left eye and the neighboring pixel for the right eye. To the driver, the pictures of the 3D mixed reality head-up display appear to be floating at a distance of 8 to 10 meters; through clever representation, the apparent distance is even increased to over 70 meters. Advantage: The eyes, accustomed to a long-range view, do not have to refocus.

    The transparent display on demand is a further highlight: The screen is 15 centimeters high, 122 centimeters wide, and partially embedded into the instrument panel. It offers two layers: a transparent OLED display and a black layer for a particularly deep shade of black. The highlight: Sections of the display that are not required for showing information remain transparent. They give the impression of a glass pane and thus offer an unobstructed view of the road.

    Audi AI-ME Concept at 2020 CES picture gallery