2021 Toyota Mirai Sedan Concept


Back in 2015 Toyota launched the Mirai for the first time. It was the first production hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicle (FCEV) offered for sale to retail customers in North America. Now, Toyota is getting ready to launch a new generation Mirai and a first look of the design is being offered by the Mirai Sedan Concept set to be to be revealed at the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show.

The first major change for the second generation Mirai is the switch to an all-new rear-wheel drive platform – away from the current front-wheel drive version. According to Toyota, the new platform “allows for a highly rigid body that is lower, longer, and wider, with its bolder stance accentuated by available 20-inch alloy wheels. The design is more aerodynamic, yet also emotionally evocative without being aggressive; zero-emissions doesn’t have to mean dull.”

The 2021 Mirai Concept features a clean, modern design, with an interior featuring a clean and modern layout.

“We have pursued making a car that customers feel like driving all the time, a car that has emotional and attractive design appeal, as well as dynamic and responsive driving performance that can bring a smile to the faces of drivers,” said Yoshikazu Tanaka, Chief Engineer of the Mirai. “I want customers to say, ‘I chose the Mirai not because it’s an FCEV, but because I really wanted this car, and it just happened to be an FCEV.’”

2021 Toyota Mirai Sedan Concept pictures