2020 Porsche Taycan Is A Huge Success

    Not that it comes as a surprise to anyone, but the new Porsche Taycan is enjoying a huge success. According to a recent report from Reuters, Porsche has taken down payments from 30,000 customers in Europe. All these customers made “down payments of 2,500 euros each and 10,000 of them have already placed a firm order to buy a Taycan.”

    Porsche will start shipping the new Taycan to U.S. dealerships this month and has plans to deliver 20,000 Taycan units in 2020.

    As a reminder, the Turbo S version can deliver up to 750 horsepower (in combination with Launch Control and overboost), while the standard Turbo version goes up to 670 horsepower. The sprint from 0 to 60 mph is made in 2.6 seconds and 3.0 seconds, respectively, while top speed for both cars is limited to 161 mph.

    On the U.S. market, prices start from $187,610 for the Taycan Turbo S and from $153,310 for the Taycan Turbo.

    2020 Porsche Taycan picture gallery