2020 Porsche Cayenne Coupe


Back in 2008 BMW started a very weird trend: the coupe SUV. People were confused about what they were seeing at the moment, but soon the new type of car start to grow and gain a lot of customers. So more and more makers followed the same trend: Acura, Audi, Mercedes. Now is Porsche’s turn to do the same with the new Cayenne Coupe.

Of course if you ask us, the new Cayenne Coupe is nothing else than a Cayenne with a lowered roof and a higher price, but people like it so, who are we to argue with it. Of course, as you would expected because of the lowered roof, Porsche had to do some changes on the interior too, which means passengers in the back will have less space. Trunk space is also a little lower to – 22 cubic feet when compared to 27.2 cubic feet, but when you are buying a coupe SUV is something you should expect for.

The Cayenne Coupe is offered in two versions: standard and turbo. The standard version gets a 3.0-liter V-6 rated at 335 horsepower and 332 pound-feet of torque, while for the Turbo Porsche is offering a 4.0-liter V-8 with an output of 541 horsepower and 567 pound-feet of torque. The sprint from 0 to 60 mph in done in 5.6 seconds and 4.6 seconds respectively, while top speed is 150 mph for the base model and 177 mph for the Turbo.

The new 2020 Cayenne Coupe will be put on sale in 2020 at a price of $75,300 for the base trim and $130,100 for the Turbo version.

2020 Porsche Cayenne Coupe pictures

2020 Porsche Cayenne Coupe specifications

 Porsche Cayenne CoupePorsche Cayenne Coupe Turbo
EngineTurbocharged V6Twin-turbocharged V8
Displacement3.0 l4.0 l
Engine layoutFront-engineFront-engine
Bore84.5 mm86.0 mm
Stroke89.0 mm86.0 mm
Horsepower335 HP @ 5,300 – 6,400 RPM541 HP @ 5,750 – 6,000 RPM
Torque332 LB-FT @ 1,340 – 5,300 RPM568 LB-FT @ 1,960 – 4,500 RPM
Compression ratio11.2 : 110.1:1
Power-to-weight ratio14.0 lb/hp9.3 lb/hp
Transmission8-speed Tiptronic S8-speed Tiptronic S
0 – 60 mph with Sport Chrono Package5.7 s3.7 s
Top Speed150 mph177 mph