2020 Opel Insignia GSi

    2020 Opel Insignia GSi

    The new Opel Insignia celebrates its world premiere at the Brussels Motor Show (January 9-19). For the first time, in addition to the Grand Sport limousine and the Sports Tourer estate, the new sharp design of the sporty GSi can be seen at the Brussels show: the vertical front openings in sabre-tooth look and the dynamic front apron are unmistakable. The GSi sprints into the New Year with a new 169kW (230hp) 2.0-liter turbo petrol engine and new nine-speed automatic transmission, as well as an electro-hydraulic brake booster, FlexRide mechatronic suspension and Twinster four-wheel drive with torque vectoring (fuel consumption limousine according to NEDC1: urban 8.9 l/100 km, extra-urban 5.8 l/100 km, combined 6.9 l/100 km, 161 g/km CO2, fuel consumption according to WLTP2: combined 8.5-8.3 l/100 km, 198-193 g / km CO2).

    Up to 18% lower fuel consumption: new Opel Insignia in top form

    2020 Opel Insignia GSi

    The flagship of the tradition-rich German brand debuts as GSi, Grand Sport and Sports Tourer with newly developed, extra-efficient petrol and diesel engines. In addition, new low-friction gearboxes further reduce fuel consumption and at the same time increase comfort. Insignia customers get either a six-speed manual gearbox, a particularly economical, stepless transmission or an eight or nine-speed automatic. The new Insignia’s aerodynamics are further improved by an active full-face shutter. Compared to its predecessor, NEDC fuel consumption is lowered by up to 18 percent, while CO2 emissions are as low as around 100g/km. The new Insignia is therefore one of the most fuel-efficient cars in its segment.

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    The Opel designers have further improved the Insignia’s high-quality interior. The ergonomically certified AGR seats with many comfort functions are now available in various fabric and leather upholsteries, as well as in Alcantara. For those who value comfort and a classic appearance, the Elegance and Ultimate equipment ranges are the perfect choice. Enthusiastic drivers will be thrilled by the new Insignia GS Line and GSi.

    2020 Opel Insignia GSi

    In addition, there are state-of-the-art safety and assistance systems, most notably the new adaptive IntelliLux LED® Pixel Light. It now has a total of 168 LED elements – 84 per headlamp! They provide the Insignia driver with ultra-slim headlamps as well as the best vision and react even faster and more precisely than before, without dazzling anyone in front or oncoming traffic.

    “We are proud of our new flagship. The Insignia looks fantastic, featuring class-leading technologies such as the IntelliLux LED® Pixel Light, fuel-efficient petrol and diesel engines, adaptive FlexRide suspension and outstanding wellness seats. The GSi is again the top model in the series and as engaging to drive as a real sports car”, said Opel CEO, Michael Lohscheller.

    High grip and agility for maximum fun-to-drive

    2020 Opel Insignia GSi

    The new Opel Insignia GSi is for those who appreciate the really special. The sporty four-wheel drive with torque vectoring is unique in this segment. In the AWD mode, two clutches replace a conventional rear differential and deliver the perfect power transfer per wheel in every driving situation. With this technology, the new Opel Insignia GSi is more agile in curves, offers the best cornering and stands out with excellent traction. For an even more active driving experience, the new nine-speed automatic transmission can be operated by the paddles on the steering wheel.

    The Opel Insignia GSi got its finishing touches on the legendary Nürburgring “Nordschleife”. The dynamically tuned chassis offers extremely high grip. The powerful Brembo four-piston brakes (with red calipers) and the direct steering have been further improved.

    2020 Opel Insignia GSi

    With its electro-hydraulic brake booster, the Insignia is already today a platform for technology that will be required for automated driving in the future. The integrated “eBoost” system is a component for “braking by wire”, which dispenses with the need for separate ABS/ESP modules, vacuum lines and vacuum pumps etc. As vacuum is generated by an electric motor instead of the engine, fuel consumption is further reduced. Pressure is built up quicker and brake feel is improved. Also, when ABS is activated, “eBoost” operates more quietly than on conventional braking systems.

    The Insignia GSi comes as standard with mechatronic FlexRide suspension, which adapts shock absorbers and steering in fractions of a second. In addition, FlexRide changes the characteristic of the accelerator as well as the shift-points of the nine-speed automatic transmission. The driver can choose between the driving modes “Standard”, “Tour”, “Sport” and – exclusively for the GSi – “Competition”.

    New engines and transmissions: frugal yet lively

    2020 Opel Insignia GSi
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    With the new Insignia, Opel has reduced the complexity and at the same time improved the offer for the customer. While the predecessor had petrol and diesel engines from three different engine families, all three and four-cylinder engines of the now belong to a single new generation. The 1.4-liter petrol engine with 107kW (145hp) and the 1.5-liter diesel with 90kW (122hp) form the basis (see table for all consumption figures).

    The three-cylinder units are up to 50 kilograms lighter than their predecessors in the previous model and are also used in the new Astra. Above them in the Insignia range come a 2.0-liter four-cylinder diesel (introduction later this year) and a 2.0 petrol engine with 147kW (200hp) – 169kW (230hp) in the case of the GSi. The 2.0-liter petrol units are also the first Opel engines with cylinder deactivation. Unless the driver needs high power, the variable camshaft control deactivates two cylinders and thus significantly reduces fuel consumption.

    The new Insignia’s full-face active shutter further improves fuel efficiency by closing the top as well as the bottom of the grille. By combining thermal, electrical and aerodynamic considerations, intelligent control strategies for opening and closing the upper and lower portions of the grille can enable highly efficient driving under a variety of real-life conditions. The full-face shutter also delivers thermal advantages by delaying cooling down after switching off the engine, or by accelerating the engine warm-up after a cold start, which especially in winter provides significant benefits in fuel consumption and cabin heating comfort.

    IntelliLux LED® Pixel Light: precision with 168 LEDs

    2020 Opel Insignia GSi

    The new Opel Insignia is equipped exclusively with full LED light systems, from highly energy-efficient LED headlamps to the new adaptive IntelliLux LED® Pixel Light, which features a class-leading total of 168 LED elements, instead of the previous 32. The main beam is adjusted seamlessly in milliseconds by two control units – one connected to the front camera and the other in the headlamp. The high number of continuously reacting LED elements results in a seamless adaptation of the light beam. The illuminated area is larger than before, approaching or preceding traffic is “cut out” more precisely. The result is optimum vision in every situation, without glare for other road users.

    Opel has further improved the autobahn light of the newest IntelliLux LED®. In left turns, the light beam reaches further to the left, so that the driver can more easily see roadside signs. When turning right in autobahn mode, the light beam shines further to the right, in order to avoid glare for oncoming traffic. The other light functions range from curve and bad weather, to town, country roads and autobahn, as well as optimised light for parking.

    State-of-the-art connectivity and assistance systems

    2020 Opel Insignia GSi

    Typically for a flagship, the Opel Insignia features a full range of assistance and infotainment systems. A new digital rear view camera improves rearward vision. Safety when reversing out of parking spaces can be further increased by the optional rear cross traffic alert. Additional assistance systems include forward collision alert with automatic emergency braking and pedestrian protection, lane keep assist, side blind zone alert, adaptive cruise control with emergency braking, traffic sign recognition, advanced park assist and head-up display. Adaptive cruise control maintains the gap to the vehicle ahead through automatic braking and acceleration. With automatic transmission. the radar-based system can brake the Insignia to a standstill and follow the vehicle ahead in traffic jams.

    The portfolio of infotainment systems compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto extend from Multimedia Radio and Multimedia Navi to Multimedia Navi Pro. The top-of-the-line unit features numerous Connected Navigation services such as “Trip & Drive Management” and “Live navigation”, which provides online traffic information in real time. allowing delays to be detected quickly and avoided. Compatible smartphones can be charged wirelessly.  When e-Call is installed, an emergency call is automatically sent if the seatbelt tensioners or airbags are deployed. Alternatively, help can be actively summoned in seconds by simply pressing the red button.

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