2020 Koenigsegg Jesko

    2020 Koenigsegg Jesko specifications

    EngineKoenigsegg twin turbo aluminium 5,0L V8, 4 valves per cylinder, flat-plane crankshaft, double overhead camshafts, dry sump lubrication
     Compression: 8.6:1
     Bore: 92 mm Stroke: 95.25 mm
     Sequential, multipoint fuel injection with individual cylinder pressure sensors and back pressure sensors
     Closed loop individual combustion and lambda control, twin ceramic ball bearing turbo chargers with Koenigsegg response system.
     1.7 bar boost pressure (2.2 bar with E85)
     Dry sump lubrication. Carbon fiber intake manifold with optimised intake tracts
     Tig-welded ceramic coated 0.8 mm wall thickness inconel exhaust system manifold with merge collector
     Total engine weight: 189 kg
    OUTPUTGasoline: 955 kW (1280 hp) at 7800 rpm, redline at 8500 rpm.
     E85: 1195 kW (1600 hp)
     Torque: 1000 Nm from 2700 to 6170 rpm
     Max torque: 1500 Nm at 5100 rpm
    DimensionsTotal length: 4610mm
     Total width: 2030mm
     Total height: 1210mm
     Ride Height: 70-100mm front, 75-100mm rear
     Front lifting system activated: +50mm
     Wheelbase: 2700mm
     Fuel capacity: 72 litres
     Luggage compartments: 100 l front, 50 l rear
     Dry weight: 1320kg
     Curb weight: 1420kg