2020 Cupra Leon

    2020 Cupra Leon

    The new CUPRA Leon is a vehicle developed to bring a new identity to the high-performance compact segment, building on the generations of vehicles that came before it.

    With two body styles available – 5-door and Sportstourer – the CUPRA Leon expands its appeal even further, allowing customers to choose the vehicle that best fits their lifestyle, without needing to compromise on performance, comfort or practicality.

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    And with high levels of standard equipment including full LED with rear coast-to-coast lighting, bucket seats, sports suspension, keyless entry and ambient lighting to name just a few, it’s a vehicle that offers great value in the highly competitive segment.

    This latest iteration of the high-performance icon will further strengthen the CUPRA brand, offering an outstanding driving experience thanks to its highly advanced range of powertrains, its dynamic chassis technologies, and its elegant mix of sportiness and sophistication in its exterior and interior design. Add to this impressive offering with a highly connected, digitalised user experience and the integration of some of the most advanced driver assistance systems available and the new CUPRA Leon becomes one of the most appealing offerings in the segment.

    2020 Cupra Leon

    The range of powertrains includes 245PS, 300PS and 310PS (exclusively available for the Sportstourer with 4Drive) 2.0 litre TSI petrol engines that provide enough breadth of performance to suit anyone’s taste. And in a world that is constantly aiming to reduce its impact on the environment, the all-new CUPRA Leon also brings electrification to the high-performance segment in the form of a 245PS plug-in hybrid engine, meaning the ultimate expression of performance isn’t burdened by remorse.

    The new CUPRA Leon is also one of the safest vehicles in the segment, integrating some of the most advanced driver assistance systems to keep occupants away from accidents whether on the highway, in the city or simple moving away from a parking space.

    2020 Cupra Leon

    But in a world where our lives are becoming increasingly digitalised, the CUPRA Leon not only offers on-road performance but also provides a level of connectivity not seen in CUPRA vehicles until now. So, whether it’s bringing your smart device into the vehicle cabin, or accessing vehicle specific online services, the CUPRA Leon is the intersection between the road and connectivity.

    The new CUPRA Leon is the ultimate expression of the CUPRA brand’s values and is destined to strengthen its position in the market, exciting current CUPRA enthusiasts, while at the same time opening it up to new customers expanding the allure.

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