We live in a crazy world, that is not a secret anymore, so your car needs to offer you some kind of protection against violent attacks, kidnapping or organized crime. Or at least this is what BMW had in mind when they launched the X5 Protection VR6, a model specially designed for markets like South America, Africa or Russia.

The safety vehicle started as a X5 SUV, but it received a lot of safety and protection equipment in order to fulfill the requirements of resistance class VR6. The SUV received an armored passenger compartment made out of high-strength steel, armored luggage compartment, security glazing, multilayered safety glass and tightly sealed protection and overlapping amour-plating. The SUV also comes with standard run-flat tires with reinforced sidewalls.

The X5 VR6 is offering protection against attacks by handguns and long firearms using ammunition up to a caliber of 7.62 × 39 FeC or 7.62 × 39 SC respectively, as used in weapons of the type AK-47, a most commonly used weapon in the world.

2019 BMW X5 Protection VR6 picture gallery